K11 Art and Craft Heritage Luodian 傳世工藝: 螺鈿



As the second research publication in the series, K11 Craft & Guild Foundation shares with readers the centuries-old but rarely studied traditional Chinese craft, luodian.

The art of luodian (mother-of-pearl inlay) can be found from the early beginnings of Chinese civilisation. Throughout the centuries, this craft was refined at court as well as in provincial workshops, from China to East Asia and around the globe. Luodian treasures bore witness to the rise and fall of Chinese dynasties, as well as to the country’s foreign trade and cultural exchange. This book explores the historical development of luodian art, the materials and inlay techniques, changes in decorative themes and styles, and its contemporary development. Through this expertly researched publication with quality images, we unravel the fascinating history and brilliant iridescence of luodian.

K11 傳世工藝:螺鈿
K11 Craft & Guild Foundation推出工藝研究著作系列第二冊,與讀者分享「螺鈿」這項流傳千年但鮮被獨立著述的中國傳統工藝。